‘Trailblazing Women’ celebrates the women in our community that are innovating for social, environmental, and political good – in Brighton and beyond.

This year’s International Women’s Day theme is #choosetochallenge. Individually, we're all responsible for our own thoughts and actions - all day, every day. We can choose to challenge and call out gender bias and inequity. We can also choose to seek out and celebrate women's achievements.

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Friday 19th March

Trailblazing Women: Serious about Games


This event is an interactive talk with two groundbreaking women on the BRITE programme. There will be interactive activities, presented by the amazing Sarah Ticho (Founder of Hastumi) and Hazel Reynolds (Founder of Gamely Games). Sarah and Hazel will be discussing their inspiring stories, how to run a kind business, why there is a lack of women in gaming tech, what the future looks like and demonstrating their products.

On the panel..

Sarah Ticho

Sarah Ticho

Founder of Hatsumi VR

Sarah is a producer, consultant and company founder at the intersection of immersive technology, healthcare and the creative industries. In 2018 she founded Hatsumi (which means to see for the first time), they develop work merge immersive technology, participatory art, and storytelling to improve physical and mental health. She is the producer at Explore Deep, an award-winning clinically validated breath controlled VR experience designed to reduce anxiety, developed in close collaboration with the Games for Emotional and Mental Health Lab, Radboud University. She has worked with a number of organisations across the immersive and healthcare space including Immerse UK, Healthcare Education England and the XR Safety Initiative Medical Council.

Hazel Reynolds

Hazel Reynolds

Founder of Gamely

Hazel Reynolds is the founder of Gamely, a Brighton-based company that helps people spend more quality time with family and friends. Their bestseller card games include Soundiculous and A Little More Conversation. The business is growing fast – they’ve sold almost 250,000 games over the last five years, as well as appearing on Dragons Den and being named the Amazon UK Small Business of the Year 2019. Gamely is deeply values-driven and their motto is ‘Have fun. Do good’ As well as continuing to donate 10% of all profits to charity, in 2020 they gave away more than 2,500 games to charities and children most in need of a smile through their ‘games for good’ initiative.

Friday 26th March



Ever dreamed of starting your career again from scratch? Join this informal lunchtime panel discussion to learn from three Brighton women that have completely changed their working lives later in life.

Each has started a new business or vocation within the last few years, switching to a different field, and in doing so found fulfilment.

Through their unvarnished stories, attendees will learn how to set a new direction in life, find a passion project post-motherhood and overcome obstacles. The speakers will also share their missions to connect with communities, improve diversity in the workplace and support marginalised voices.

Expect some big characters, big laughs and inspiring personal tales of determination and resilience in the face of adversity.


On the panel..


Carolynn Bain

Founder of Afrori Books

“If I had to put who I am in any kind of order I am first a Christian Black woman. I am also a mother, a bookseller, an activist, a mentor, a lyricist and a wife.”

Carolynn went to uni in her 40’s and earned a 1st Class Honours in Event Management. She worked around Europe at everything from Glastonbury to world leaders’ summits. Her life has been a battle against racism and the need to educate about white privilege. In 2020 she decided it was time to change the world. She opened an online bookshop that created a one-stop-shop for books by black authors. She did this in the firm belief that what we read changes who we are and how we think.

Afrori Books now has the biggest selection of books by black authors in the UK. Giving a platform to over 2000 black authors through our shop and social media channels. Their Mission plan is simple: *Support black authors. *Create diverse bookshelves. *Be a voice for justice.”


Judith Ricketts

MSc, MA, FRSA - Artist + Lecturer

Judith is an Artist and Lecturer in Digital Media, specialising in mobile, screen based and real-world immersive serious games.

Her practice is thematically centred on the spatial memory of the city’s built environment as an intersectional backdrop to examine data related to the gaze, that is human to human looking, and by extension machines that see. In this practice she uses, moving image, creative coding, augmented reality, virtual reality and data with a central focus on storytelling for social change.

Judith frequently speaks on subjects as guest speaker at the intersection of digital humanities, digital geographies, feminists hacking, code and multiculturalism, archives and [Black] History.

Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, a STEM Ambassador, member of Brighton & Hove Heritage Network, Crossing Cultures Decolonising the Curriculum, and Board member Centre for Digital Media Cultures at the University of Brighton.


Silvina De Vita

Founder of My Papercut Forest

Silvina is an Argentinian artist based in Brighton. She is the founder of My Papercut Forest, who make and sell beautiful, miniature paper cut art and DIY craft kits. I’m hoping to bring the therapeutic joy of paper cutting to the world! She has also been featured in a BBC4 documentary and on ITV’s This Morning.

Silvina set up the Arts & Craft Project, which seeks to offer new craft skills and opportunities to my local community, creating social impact around The Bevy Community pub. She is also Captain of the Brighton Etsy Team and host regular meetups for makers and sellers from in and around the Brighton area.

Outside of work, Silvina loves spending time with her three boys, growing things in her garden, and getting creative with paper and admiring tiny things.

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